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Our Mission is to provide unbiased information for beginners who want to learn about Forex Trading and find the necessary resource's' to be a successful trader.

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Our goal is to provide a complete reference guide with clear directions and words of caution for beginning forex traders, We will help explain the terminology in plain and easy to understand context. There is a lot of information available online involving the trading of currency and this site attempts to find the best information from the experts and present it in an understandable fashion. With so many trading tools, robots, brokers and trading systems available it is very difficult to decide which to choose and how to proceed in starting to trade. .

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To provide an unbiased resource repository of information related to currency trading. To make the information provided as simple and clear as possible to help those that wish to learn forex trading with  basic understanding to get started in successful trading,
Forex Course A no-nonsense video course by Peter Bain that shows you where the money is in the Forex.
Swing Trader Fibonacci Swing Trader and Daily Portfolio Advisory Service at Forexmentor.
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To provide accurate and unbiased information that will assist the individual in learning the basic information needed to become a successful Forex trader.

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Comprehensive set of Beginners Guides to help get a basic understanding about being a successful forex trader.

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Learn the basics with Beginners Forex Videos that will give a clear visual presentation on the basics of currency trading.

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See live competition of Forex Robots competing against each other to see who performs the best.